What is Aegis Group?


For hundreds of years, U.S. organizations have utilized the freedoms of investment and risk-taking through the entrepreneurial spirit to guide through times of turbulence as well as prosperity.

At Aegis Group, LLC we understand that through thorough research and meticulously calculated decision-making, the inherent risk of investment can be mitigated, providing sure gains to propel further development.

Aegis Group, LLC is an organization that creates these developments.  Through our highly- specialized team of researchers, Aegis Group, LLC stays ahead of the competition, developing the gains of tomorrow.

This is accomplished through well-articulated strategies, which analyze every possible factor in developing an overall decision.  Through this proven technique, Aegis Group, LLC is able to pursue low-risk endeavors while optimizing profits.

Our Business Strategy


In today's age, with quick access to information across the globe, it is important for modern enterprises to establish criteria and strategies that far exceed those of the competition. 

The strategy of Aegis Group is simple:  research hundreds of potential investments, analyze all factors, and make sound judgments of profitability. We are separated from typical investors in that we are highly trained, skilled and have vast experience within the Aegis Group, LLC team.  We are able to foretell trends in the market and account for multiple dynamics in cost-development.  While some only go so far as to cut costs, we go even further to ensure all potential costs are reduced.  We go the extra mile to ensure that our investments are sound and hold low risk.

ROI Requirement
Most corporations develop some sort of criteria or wicket on which to base their investment decision.  Again, Aegis Group is simple in that our final decision rests upon the overall Return on Investment (ROI).  The criterion for "high return" is defined as an annual Return On Investment (ROI) exceeding 7% within the first two years. 

Even with hundreds of hours invested in researching a potential investment, we will still base the overall decision on the expected ROI.  If this ROI does not exceed 7%, then Aegis Group team members pass on that opportunity and continue looking elsewhere.

By ensuring an ROI of greater than 7%, Aegis Group, LLC can promise a sizable profit to those who invest in the corporation.

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